Superior Pest Protection

The Defender Access+ with NEW patent pending features opens for easy cleaning and maintenance, without being removed from the wall. The drop notch keeps The Defender closed when in use and allows easy access when needed.

Easy Access / Serious Protection

Attempts to make a nest inside vents is not just a nuisance—it can be a serious fire hazard. The Defender provides serious protection and, made of heavy gauge steel that is zinc and powder coated, it withstands the test of time. Its patented design including vertical bars—for easy exterior cleaning—has been taken to new levels with added, patent pending features for making full exhaust system maintenance simple as well.

The drop-notch gate connection makes opening the Defender a breeze to provide full access for brushes and duct cleaning equipment. With the easy opening vertical bar gate, there’s no need to remove the fasteners from the wall.

  • No-Tool-Required Maintenance Access
  • Keeps Birds and Squirrels Out
  • Provides Extra Weather Protection
  • Installs Fast and Easy

The Defender Access+: Simple to install, simple to maintain, and tough to beat.

The Defender is the perfect choice to help keep out birds and squirrels. While allowing free-flowing air movement, its patented design effectively blocks intrusion by using a system of bars instead of a screen under the hood. While the DryerWallVent is the designer's pick for most venting terminations, there are numerous applications for The Defender. Some of these include harsh weather conditions, deterring animal intrusion and where housing dictates a certain type of venting hood.

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