Defender Advantage

The Defender represents a major advance in design features that clearly outperform the old attempts at intrusion prevention.

Select the Defender for serious protection.

The Defender

  • Zinc coated steel with a powder coated finish helps stand the test of time.
  • Vertical bars allow lint to pass through while birds and squirrels cannot come in.
  • Metal cannot be broken off or eaten by various critters.
  • Hooded design allows for additional weather protection.
  • Powder coated color options help match the existing siding to maintain exterior aesthetics.
  • Various sizes cover 3", 4", 5" and 6" vents.
  • Numerous mounting options are available.
  • Installs easily on all siding types.
  • Easily removable for duct cleaning and re-installation.
  • Hides unsightly vents with hooded feature.
  • Durable metal maintains form and function over time.
  • Long lasting solution that doesn’t need to be replaced.
Traditional Vent Guards

  •   Plastic vent covers deteriorate from UV rays.
  •   Cross bars block lint at a rapid rate, making the dryer vent far less efficient.
  •   Plastic materials are susceptible to critter entry.
  •   Accessible grates allow rain/snow to enter the covers which turns lint into a thick papier-mâché like barrier.
  •   Standard white plastic often does not match and creates a dull, unsightly finish over time.
  •   Standard sizes only cover 4" vents.
  •   Single mounting method required.
  •   Installs on limited amounts of siding materials.
  •   Plastic materials may fall apart upon re-installation.
  •   Unsightly vents remain visible.
  •   Softer plastics break, bend, warp, and crack over time.
  •   Cheaper solution that is often replaced.