The Defender Model DFR11

The Defender model DFR11 with an inner dimension of 11.5 inches is specifically designed for large-sized exhaust terminations. This model has a hinged bottom.

Model DFR11 (11.5" I.D.)

For Use & Materials:

  • Extra Layer of Pest Protection for Exhaust Systems
  • Complies with IMC 504.4 & IRC 1502.3
  • 18 gauge zinc & powder coated steel hood
  • 10 gauge zinc & powder coated steel bars

  • Deters Bird and Rodent Entry
  • Hides Unsightly Vents
  • Works on all Siding Types
  • Extra Weather Protection
  • Easy Installation and Removal for Cleaning

  • Heavy gauge zinc & powder coated steel
  • Sized for Universal Applications
  • Fits Over Many Vent Sizes
  • Extra Fastner Holes for Easy Installation
US Patent 8,845,405
Made in the USA